What Is A Nursing Home?

Nursing Homes in Manhattan

The nursing homes NYC host are residential care facilities. Although there are facilities for disabled persons in all age groups, nursing homes in NY are generally considered to be for the elderly population.

What Services Are Provided By Nursing Homes in Manhattan

A difference between NYC nursing homes and other elder-care facilities is twenty-four-hour supervision. This is one reason many families choose to place their loved ones in nursing homes in New York. Even during the nighttime, residents are periodically checked on by staff members.

Manhattan nursing homes provide twenty-four-hour care. This is especially important for residents who have medical issues. As there are always staff members present, every resident’s needs will be met.

The elder-care facilities provide the full range of care needed for the resident’s safety, health, and well-being. The specific types of care can vary from individual to individual, depending on his/her personal situation. One category includes personal care services. Elderly persons may need assistance with bathing, dressing, personal grooming, and similar tasks.

Residents who use medication will be assisted with dosage and taking medications. This can prevent misuse of medication, as well as forgetfulness. The staff works with the resident’s physician, and will adhere to the physician’s instructions.

Assistance is also provided with other health issues. As an example, if a diabetic needs insulin shots or monitoring of his blood-sugar levels, he will have the help he needs to stay healthy. Another example is a person who has dietary restrictions. A licensed facility is required to adhere to the physician’s instructions for a resident’s diet.

The elder-care facility offers activities to help elderly persons remain healthy, active, and social. Depending on the particular facility, many different activities may be included. Some activities often found at nursing homes in New York City include time to play board games, dancing and music, exercise classes, and the chance to participate in religious services. Activities are important to seniors. They help elderly persons interact with other people, stay mentally alert, and contribute to physical and mental health.

Nursing Homes in New York City Have Staff Requirements

Elder-care facilities must be licensed. When a facility is licensed, there are specific details covering the facility’s staff. The facility must abide by federal and state laws, as well as the county in which it is located.

It is the direct care staff that cares for the residents. A registered nurse must be present for a certain period each day. If a registered nurse is not present twenty-four hours a day, either a licensed vocational nurse or a licensed practical nurse must be on duty. Duties that do not require skilled care can be performed by certified nursing assistants. CNA’s can provide non-skilled care twenty-four hours a day. New York State laws are very specific about the types of care that can be provided by certified nursing assistants, and which types of care must be provided by licensed nurses.

The size of the administrative staff largely depends on the size of the facility. New York State have the additional requirement of administrators having a license in order to operate the facility. Administrators may need to meet various educational requirements in order to obtain a license.

A nursing home in NYC may employ support personnel. In addition to maintenance staff to keep the building and grounds clean and safe, there can be support personnel to assist with activities, religious services, physical therapy, and similar duties. There may also be a nutritionist or dietitian to ensure residents have healthy meals.

What Is The Purpose Of A Nursing Home in NYC?

Many people have a negative view of elder-care facilities because they consider a facility to be the last stage in a person’s life. While many elderly persons do spend the later years of their lives in skilled nursing facilities, this is not always the case. One example is the person who needs twenty-four hour care on a short-term basis. A person who has experienced a serious injury, medical condition, or surgery may be released to a skilled nursing facility. If the patient does not need to stay in the hospital, and is not ready to go home, the facility can provide health care services, supervision, and support while he/she recovers.

A nursing home NYC offers may also accept a resident who is experiencing difficulties due to medications. Even if the patient does not need to stay in a facility on a long-term basis, it can give him/her the chance to adjust to medications without the risk of unnecessary complications.

However, a long-term stay in a skilled nursing facility can be the best option for many elderly persons. Not all seniors need the best nursing homes in NYC, but they offer everything a senior needs for safety, health, and happiness in his later years. From health services and consistent supervision to companionship, seniors can have a good life and their families can have peace of mind.

Is A Skilled Nursing Facility Right For Your Loved One?

If you need to make this decision, one approach is to consider the options. For various reasons, independent living and assisted living may be too risky. Think about your senior’s health issues, and his personal situation. If he/she requires twenty-four-hour care and supervision, it can be the best option.

A second approach is to discuss it with his/her doctor. While you know your loved one, physicians can be more objective. If your senior needs long-term care, the doctor will not hesitate to offer advice.

If you do reach this decision, present it in a positive way to your loved one. If he cannot safely live at home, let him know this option is best for him. Provide information about what he can expect, and encourage him to see the benefits.

Many family members find it difficult to make this decision. Placing loved ones in nursing homes does not have to result in guilt. You are not abandoning your senior, but giving him the chance for a healthy, happy life. Family members are not always able to provide the level of care needed by their seniors.

If it is time to select a facility, learn about it before you reach a decision. Make sure the facility is licensed, and that it offers everything your senior needs. When you visit, talk to the staff, and speak to other residents. Tour the facility, both indoors and outdoors. It should be clean and comfortable. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The staff should be willing to answer any questions you have, so you can be confident it is the right nursing home for your senior.

The longer life expectancy of individuals today make it necessary to have a range of options in elder-care. While nursing homes in New York have existed for generations, they are still a good option for many elderly people. Your loved one will not lack care or companionship, and will receive immediate assistance if he/she ever experiences an emergency.

When you choose a facility wisely, his later years can be safer and healthier than in any other environment. Trained personnel will do for him what you cannot. You will know he is in the care of compassionate people who are truly concerned for his well-being. If his physician believes he can benefit from long-term care, it is the right decision.

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