NY Care Home Regulations and Oversight

Nursing Homes in NYCNew York City nursing homes help residents to carry on with activities such as eating, bathing, dressing and using the bathroom. Nursing homes in NYC also provide residents with the required treatment and any devices that may assist the patients in maintaining their vision or hearing. Basically, the staff in a nursing home helps the elderly with their daily tasks in order to make their lives as comfortable as possible. However, without checks and balances, residents cannot be assured of proper services; they may be deprived of their rights and they may consequently feel depressed and uncared for.

There are particular standards that a nursing home has to meet in order to obtain certification. These regulations have been put in place in order to diminish the issues of neglect and abuse in nursing homes in NYC. In this regard, nursing home care is currently based on an action plan which aims to reduce the cost of care and improve the individual experience of healthcare as well. The plan also factors in the healthcare requirements of the general populations.

To be fully compliant with the nursing home reform act, a nursing home must have enough staff and a comprehensive plan on how to care for each patient. Other than that, it must also provide a resident with the needed nutrition and grooming where the resident is unable to carry out such activities by themselves. Essentially, to ensure that patient issues are well catered for, the law requires that Manhattan nursing homes provide adequate care services to patients who would otherwise be defenseless towards abuse.

Medical Aspects of NYC Nursing Homes

Residents who live in nursing homes in NYC often require supervision in both medication and general care. Therefore, the staff has to be trained to help in administering medication and other personal care services that a patient may need in order to stay comfortable in the nursing home. Sometimes, medical checkups may be necessary, and these may be provided within the facility. Though, in some cases, the patient may be taken to a hospital or any other medical facility outside of the premises.

Nursing home residents have a right to dignified life and a right to communication with persons both inside and outside the home. In view of this, a facility must endeavor to ensure that residents are treated fairly in all aspects. In the event of an accident or a major change in the person’s physical or mental health, the facility has to notify the relevant parties and subsequently take the correct measures to help the patient access treatment so as to alleviate the situation.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Agency is charged with the responsibility of administering some key health programs. Medicare caters for senior citizens while Medicaid provides insurance to those who need financial assistance. In some cases, Medicare can cater for some of the nursing home expenses for a Medicare beneficiary who needs skilled nursing. However, anyone who wants to be covered under this program has to be in a nursing home that is certified by Medicare.

Similarly, Medicaid pays a certain amount of nursing home expenses for individuals with limited assets and financial resources. Aside from that, Medicaid also pays for care accessed through a government certified facility. Even so, a majority of seniors in nursing homes in NYC cater for their living expenses using their own money. Once such resources are utilized, the residents may then qualify for Medicaid. To be eligible for the benefits provided under Medicare some of the criteria that an individual has to meet include the following:

• The person must be in need of continuous nursing care

• The individual should have stayed in hospital for a 3 day period within the last 30 days

• The person must require attention from a qualified physician

What Does CMS Do?

In order to improve the services provided in the nursing homes in New York City, CMS has strengthened the processes it uses during the surveys carried out to capture the quality of services offered in a nursing home. Due to such efforts, the patients living in nursing homes have come across major improvements while accessing healthcare services. This has also led to a reduction in the number of adverse incidents that commonly occur from preventable health conditions. Besides, CMS has a feedback mechanism which has greatly enhanced the flow of information from service providers to consumers, and this has added to the improved individual experience in nursing home care.

In addition, CMS has also joined a movement that encourages nursing facilities to transform their structures, approaches, and organizational values in order to ensure that the care provided in the homes is individual-centered. This is all meant to make certain that residents and their families get good experience in obtaining care.

Also, improved healthcare is something that can only be achieved through collective effort. No single entity or strategy can be used in facilitating accessibility of better health care by itself. CMS therefore aims to mobilize different people to adopt a partnership approach with the aim of upholding and enhancing patient safety as well as affordable health care. As part of their initiatives, CMS works with partners in NYC nursing homes with the purpose of bringing about change that is essential to facilitating better quality of life for residents in nursing homes. Some of the areas that have been put on focus include leadership, staffing, finance and operations.

Apart from older persons, people with disabilities together with their neighbors, families and friends are all key stakeholders when it comes to provision of health services in any healthcare system. Such individuals, however, have to obtain relevant information on the health care arrangements so as to actively take part in the same systems, and this is why it’s important to understand the healthcare regulations.

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